I’m Leanne Kanzler

Relationship Coach

Life Reclaimed: Breakup to Breakthrough

Gain Clarity and Insight to Help You Move on Successfully

Regain Your Life

Discover the top 3 motivations behind emotional habit patterns. Start taking back control of what you are feeling through 2 impactful behavioral strategies. Together these are designed to help you overcome loneliness, grief, anxiety and depression in a powerful and meaningful way.

Regain Control

Set boundaries at work, get focused and clear. Create a daily plan of intention-based activities to integrate wellness, relaxation, exercise & work so that you start regaining control of your life, reconnecting, and have enough outlets to manage your emotions in a healthy way.

Moving On

Reset unhelpful behaviours by changing your beliefs and attitudes around them using life-changing transformational techniques, so that you start attracting positive outcomes in business, relationships, and personal life.

About Me

Life has not always been as clear as it is now. In fact at the time my marriage of 17 years fell apart I really didn’t know what was in store for me. Today, 10 years since those days of anxiety, depression and fighting, my ex and I are both in a much better place.

Now, I regularly work with others who have been in the same situation. I get it, from a personal and professional perspective. I have years of training in working with people who have experienced trauma, relationship issues, including breakups, and much, much more.

In working on myself I realized where I went wrong, in my marriage, and other relationships after that. I learned how to speak my truth. I set clear boundaries for what I wanted in life and I didn’t compromise on that. And that is when everything started to work out for me, and I know it can for you too.

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I went through a messy separation in 2020. I sought many different avenues to get help with my mental health and my concerns around the separation, and nothing really made an impact. After watching the webinar I was convinced this was the place I needed to go.
I was so impressed with the professionalism of the program, the way it is set out, and the way Leanne handled things. It challenged the way I think about myself and my actions, and gave me some strategies to make positive changes.
I am mentally stronger, making great decisions and able to live my life all thanks to this program.
I highly recommend it.

Shane B

I was blessed to have met Leanne.
She helped me to let go of the bubbling rage I had developed. I went from a place of fear and hatred to acceptance, and then from acceptance to rediscovering the love I have for myself to know that I can do whatever it is I set my mind to

Leanne worked with me for about a year on and off. She managed to transform my life around and allowed me to come to terms with a lot of things. I really didn’t see where I was going wrong or how I could change that. I felt stuck.
Now I have been able to love myself. Love my art. Remove fears and start going forward. From doubtful to doubtless. This program will change lives. Men will have to surrender their ego and allow themselves to be vulnerable so when they go through this they feel great after.
Life becomes exciting again when you can finally take action and follow through on your actions, and not what you think others want of you! I cannot wait to see more men take this opportunity!

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Life Reclaimed: Breakup to Breakthrough

Gain Clarity and Insight to Help You Move on Successfully