Welcome to Breakup to Breakthrough

Your Presenter

I’m excited to help you “Build Back better.”  There has been so much loss, and now is the time for you to rebuild, perhaps even start over.

This time of life can be a whirlwind of emotions. One day you feel relieved, the next you feel devastated. One moment you feel hope, and then hopeless. This is unfortunately all part of the process, a process that I can support you through, and help you navigate through with far less pain.

So how do you get started?

What will you get?

9 Online Modules

Estimated time: Between 60 minutes and three hours per module – depending on where you are at in your journey and any prior knowledge.

1. Understanding Emotions – gain tools to deal with stress and anxiety.

2. The big picture – There are many aspects to rebuilding your life, here you will look at other areas of life that might be holding you back.

3. Planning ahead – Setting realistic goals with a comprehensive checklist specific to separation.

4. Letting go of anger and hurt – This is vital to moving on, with practical exercises and education to really help you understand yourself.

5. What is important to ME? – In relationship it is easy to forget what is really important to you as an individual. In this module you will get to have fun reconnecting to yourself.

6. Understanding Boundaries – Probably one of the most important LIFE skills to have!

7. Who Am I Now? – Now you are clear about emotions, boundaries and goals, define what is it you want and what is REALLY important to you.

8. Learn from the past – This is SO important! If you do not learn from the past you are bound to repeat the mistakes! Take your time and really look at how you got here in the first place.

9. BONUS MODULE: Starting Over – this is all about dating! Right now, you may not feel ready to even look at this module, however by the end of the course you may feel like giving it a shot. Either way, it is here for you when you are ready!

PLUS 6 group sessions

• Ask questions that arise from the modules.
• Learn from other people
• Know that you are not alone
• Facilitated by Leanne (not another coach)
• Opportunity to experience emotional release technique and go deeper
*Group sessions start 2 weeks after access to modules is given to give everyone the opportunity to finish module 1 and module 2.

Your Investment

Normally $1497.00 AUD   Now $897.00 AUD up front
Total Saving : $600.00 AUD
Payment Plan –

  • $324.00 AUD today                                         
  • $324.00 AUD 2weeks
  • $324.00 AUD 2weeks                              

*All payments from Australia incur 10% GST (tax)

What if I want individual support?

Sometimes it can be very beneficial to receive personalised support. A limited number of people are accepted each month, purely based on availability.

If you would like to have personalised individual sessions, please book an appointment to speak to Leanne to see if you qualify to upgrade.

The benefits of personalised coaching:

Discuss your situation and identify what it is you need

Release major limiting emotions, including guilt and fear

Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back, such as “I’m not worthy” and “I’m responsible”

All the online modules are included

Attend group calls at no extra cost

Facebook support is still provided

Support in-between sessions

Click here to arrange your time now.

There is no obligation to upgrade if this you decide it is not a good fit for you.