Breakup to Breakthrough: Build Back Better

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Do you want to make sure you don’t drag your past into your next relationship?

Are you struggling with anxiety, anger or resentment because of what happened?
Do you wonder how you will ever get past the pain of your breakup?

Imagine what it would feel like to regain your confidence, to feel happy and free.

It might feel impossible right now.
But it is absolutely possible to move past all the pain and trauma and to find happiness and love again.


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Your Presenter

Leanne Kanzler, Registered Psychologist, Breakup Coach, TEDx speaker, Best Selling Author, Mother, Wife (2nd time round), Successfully went from breakup to breakthrough and reclaimed her life!

Is it time to put your separation behind you?

If you’re like most people I work with you probably struggle with wondering what went wrong in your first marriage.

Living in a space of blaming your ex-partner, thinking it was all their fault.

If only they did some therapy.

If only they listened to me.

If only THEY were different, then perhaps we could have made it.

It’s a familiar story and it’s more than likely being reinforced by your friends too. Because that’s what they do to nurture and protect you.

And there’s a lot to be said about blame. It feels so liberating at the time.

The problem is that this will keep you stuck, repeating the same patterns in future relationships.

Have you considered that it’s even more liberating to take back the power and own your own journey and the story you tell yourself and others?

The reason why I know this? Because this is my story too.
I was married for 17 years. I became a version of myself I didn’t like and the internal conflict was so huge I thought I could implode.

I was having nightmares about the walls and my ceiling fan in my room trying to kill me, and woke up in a panic, checking to see if maybe my husband was going to kill me!

I didn’t realise then, that my dreams where about me closing in on myself. It had nothing to do with the man fast asleep next to me!

I was fantasising about driving into an oncoming truck or tree.

I was imagining what it would be like to pack a bag, jump in the car and just drive until I could no longer drive. It didn’t even matter where I ended up.

He was the main income earner. He told me I needed him, and I believed him.

He was the father of my children, who were so young and had no idea that their parents where so unhappy.

The guilt and fear were huge.

The day my life changed was when I took back my power by seeking professional help.

I realised I had a choice. To keep perpetuating the negative feelings by staying in this dark space. Or to find a way to move on with my life and be content again.

Coaching showed me that I had allowed myself to become invisible.

I wanted to keep the peace and avoid conflict, instead I created huge turmoil internally, and I was unable to change things between us.

It gave me hope.

I set doable goals and had someone to guide me through the fear and doubt, I found myself, perhaps for the very first time.

Gain insights from your past, to reclaim your future

And then things began to really change.
Through professional support I realised I couldn’t be in this relationship.

I was slowly dying inside. I didn’t know how I would survive without him, or with him.

And suddenly I had no choice.

It had been years of me ignoring my own needs and I couldn’t do it another second. I had to end things. I needed lots of help from my friends and family, but I did it.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

I realised if I had spoken up earlier, if I had maintained my sense of self instead of merging with my husband, things might have been different.

Once I was able to fully understand what was going on, it truly fast tracked my healing.

And now, I help others find themselves again, find relief from the hurt, and in doing so move from breakup up blues to breakthrough brilliance!

Here’s what you will get

  • Know the top 3 mistakes people make that keep them stuck in anxiety, stress and bad decisions
  • Identify the wisdom your relationship was trying to teach you
  • Discover how to finally let your partner go (Live demonstration)
  • Understand why you are feeling like you are
  • 3 practical Steps to attracting your ideal partner (when you are ready!)


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