Life Reclaimed: Breakup to Breakthrough

A guide to help men get back on track

Leanne Kanzler
Registered Psychologist and Coach, Webinar Host

What I’ll cover in this event is:

✓ Identify what stage you are in after the divorce compared to where you want to be.

✓ Recognise your support crew, do they help you or keep you stuck? Understand why family and friends can sometimes make it worse for you​​​​​​​.

✓ Understand the impact resentment and anger is having on you and how you can loosen the grip so you can move forward in your life​​​​​​​.

✓ Gain clarity as to why this time of life is so difficult for many men, and get you are not alone in how you are feeling.​​​​​​​

✓ Could you be anxious or depressed? Find out what to do to ease the symptoms​​​​​​​.

✓ Understand how your mindset can make a massive difference in how you cope with your divorce.​​​​​​​

✓ Know what it means to set clear boundaries for yourself and how doing this will increase self respect and respect others have for you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

✓ *This webinar is for all men, regardless of sexual orientation.​​​​​​​